3 Steps to Maintain Your Roller Banner’s Shine – Our Guide

Roller banners are representations of your brand and your company. Because of this, it’s unpleasant to display them at an event without washing them first. These banners attract dirt every time you mount them outside, and they lose their appeal once unwanted substances remain on its surface. However, you cannot just wipe the banner and consider it to be clean. Instead, you must apply the appropriate cleaning method because handling this banner type needs gentle care.

With that, below are three simple steps to follow if you intend to maintain your roller banner’s shine.

1.  Wipe dirt off the roller banner

Using the wrong cleaning material can erase the banner’s design. Likewise, you must use non-abrasive and non-microfiber fabric in wiping the surface to avoid scratching the banner. Also, you cannot just clean extremely dirty banner with water. Instead, you will need soap to scrape off the residue and finish the cleaning job with a soft cloth.

Cleaning the roller banner with fluids that contain ammonia will take out more than just dirt. When that happens, you must go through the hassle of making a new layout before submitting the design for printing. Avoid the stress by taking care of the banner so that you can maintain its shine for future events.

2.  Iron the roller banners

Constant use of the roller banner can result in wrinkles and creases. While these crumples are challenging to remove, ironing can help flatten the banner again. However, the banner’s delicate surface means that you must exercise great care to avoid further damage.

You cannot use an iron that is too hot because it can melt the design and banner altogether. Set your iron at medium temperature to keep it safe and avoid pressing too hard on the surface. Apply the iron only to the areas that show creases and repeat the process until the banner becomes flat. However, though some wrinkles may remain after ironing, they become less visible.

3. Store the roller banners properly

Taking proper care of the banners continues even after the event. It’s essential to keep these banners rolled and not folded to avoid wrinkles or creases. Aside from the banner looking unattractive, the folds will prevent the surface from stretching correctly, and removing these crumples take time. Instead, you can avoid it by rolling the banner on a tube with the design surface inside. 

Likewise, ensure that the banner is dry before storing, or it can cause mildew to accumulate on its surface. Removing mould is impossible, and you are better off having a new roller banner instead. Because of this, keep the banner away from moisture, especially after washing it with soap and water.

If possible, place the banner in a dry and cool place when not in use. Storing it in an air-conditioned room is better to address the wear and tear caused by extreme temperatures. Finally, keep roller banners away from flammable substances like alcohol, gasoline, and paint thinners because the ink used for the design has elements that can cause further harm.

Considering all these tips will increase your banner’s durability. It is also an indicator among potential customers that you handle your business well, making them thrilled to strike a partnership with your brand. However, if you want to new roller banners, you can use the templates of your trusted printing service and submit your design at once to get your banners printed quickly.

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