4 Creative Tips for the Best Roller Banner Design – Guide

Roller banners are a trusted tool for any business that aims for effective marketing on the go. The promotional material itself is easy to transport and completely re-usable, making it an excellent asset for tradeshows and exhibitions or as a marketing display for reception areas. 

Think of roller banners as a fire-and-forget advertising method wherein it is highly beneficial in congregate places. It helps make a positive impact in your shop, stall, or place of business, especially when you supplement it with other point-of-sale materials. 

For that reason, having the right and effective design is crucial as it influences how it generates an impact. To that end, here are various tricks and tips that can help enhance your visual design and make your roller banner as powerful as it can be. 

Tip #1: Keep the Message Crystal Clear

The crux of any marketing tool largely depends on the strength of your brand’s core message. With that in mind, you will need to base your design on your goals and what you want to communicate to your audience. 

This is especially important when you consider that the average attention span of viewers is growing shorter. For that reason, highlighting the design with a clear and concise message is vital if you’re aiming for leaving a long-lasting impression on your audience. 

Tip #2: Focus on Visual Impact

Visual design isn’t just about looking pretty. Your banner will need to look visually exciting and visible even when looking at it from a distance. This will help your stall stand out from the competition as well as draw attention to your brand. Meanwhile, a good design also ensures it lands a powerful impact on viewers who looks at it at a closer distance. 

You can fortify your visual impact by keeping the most important information at eye level, as this is where the eyes will land first. Additionally, be sure always to use high-quality images or graphics illustrations as it will have a direct influence on your brand’s credibility and professionalism. To that end, use at least 300 DPI and avoid saving the files as RGB. 

As for the colours, choose a primary colour that best represents the nature of your business. High contrast pigments will also help compliment your style and make for an eye-catching design overall. 

Tip #3: Lead with Your Logo

Your logo is an essential component in your promotional toolkit as it represents your business. With that in mind, you can highlight your logo by placing it at the very top of the banner. This allows audiences to instantly recognize your brand without interfering with the central message of your banner, making it an excellent reference point for your viewers. 

Similar to the use of high-quality images and illustrations, the logo will need to be in high resolution and saved in CMYK. This will serve as the face of your company, after all, so be sure it meets a professional standard when printing your banners. 

Tip #4: Take Into Account the Banner’s Location

The overall effectiveness of your banner largely depends on its location. It may have a strong visual appeal as a standalone item, but its impact may lower when you place it next to other point-of-contact items due to various reasons. For one, your stall may end up blocking parts of the text or placing the banner in between the booth, and another exhibition space may look weak. Either way, consider the banner’s real-world application so you can make the most of the design. 

Your banner’s design is vital as it will determine how the audience will perceive your brand. An effective one will promote a stronger call-to-action and lead to higher conversion rates, while a poor design will not draw the audience’s attention and may just get lost in the crowd. 

To that end, designing a roller banner is an essential resource for your business as it facilitates face-to-face interaction with your customers. For that reason, going for an attention-grabbing design is a must as if you want your toolkit to generate as many sales as it can lead to tradeshows and exhibitions. 

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