4 Easy Steps to Set up a Roller Banner – What to Know

Although it may seem simple enough to deal with, trying to set up a roller banner can be a complicated and frustrating ordeal. Buying a roller banner doesn’t mean that one can easily set it up right away, as there are many tiny moving parts that make it a difficult process from start to finish. 

How to set up a roller banner

Thankfully, when you know what to do, roller banners aren’t too complicated to set up and take only a few minutes. To help you set up your new visual investment, we’ve prepared a step by step guide with four easy steps: 

STEP #1: If the roller banner comes with supporting legs, twist them out

Before you start, if your roller banner comes with a set of supporting legs, make sure to take them out from under the unit. On days with uncooperative weather, it’s best to ensure that you have the supporting legs set up to withstand the wind. Supporting legs are vital in ensuring the stability of your banner. It is also important to swing out the legs at 90 degrees to the cassette in order to avoid the risk of the banner toppling over. 

STEP #2: Slot the poles together

If your roller banner comes with poles, then start slotting them together. Often, most poles are telescopic, which makes the process of setting up much easier through a simple mechanism that can be adjusted at any height. 

STEP #3: Push the slotted pole into the base

When doing this step, it is essential to ensure that the right end of the slotted pole goes right into the cassette. As you push the pole into the base, make sure that it goes all the way into the socket and is firmly held until it stops shaking. For some roller banners, the poles come with a fitting that screws into the threaded hole. If your banner comes with a screw mechanism, then do that first before pulling the graphic out. 

STEP #4: Pull the graphic up from the rail and hook it right into place

The final step is to pull the graphic out of the cassette. When you pull it out, ensure that you don’t let go of the banner or it will snap back quickly. If it snaps back quickly, it may severely damage your roller banner. When pulling your roller banner graphic up and into place, pull it up vertically by holding the top rail in the middle to avoid pulling it away from the graphic itself. Once you’ve pulled up the graphic to the top of the pole, hook it right into place at full height.

Setting up a roller banner isn’t supposed to be as complicated as it may seem, even during tight situations and packed exhibits that have a small margin for error. Although it may require a minimum amount of work to set up, a roller banner can attract customers to your booth or storefront for the rest of the day, guaranteeing that your time and effort are well spent. 

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