4 Signs that Your Roller Banners Are Attracting Attention – What to Know

Roller banners are quite versatile in their use. They can be plopped in front of stores to advertise new products, placed around an area to point customers to the shop, or used in trade shows to increase brand awareness. 

Whatever the case, roller banners are built for one thing: advertisements. Because of how cheap and easy they are to make and use, your business might already have roller banners implemented into your marketing strategies. However, how can you tell if they’re working? How do you know if your investments in such a marketing tool are benefiting your company? Here are four ways you can tell:

1. Third-Party Contents Focus on Your Offerings

If you notice that videos on YouTube or images on Instagram are all talking about your products or services, the chances are that your roller banners are working as intended. If you’re finding yourself requested for interviews or noticed people expressing their interest to work with you, your efforts to implement excellent banners isn’t gone to waste. In other words, if people at trade shows are starting to show interest in your business, it is highly likely that your banners had a part to play.

2. People React to Your Banners

The way people react to your banners can also indicate to you how well they took in your banners. Look out for those people who stare at your banners and respond positively. For example, pay attention to what they do when they look, such as them taking pictures or writing down notes. 

Even for those who glance for just second and look away, they’ve taken notice of your brand. In general, if someone reacts to your banners, it is working one way or another. Your job is to decipher if that reaction is a positive one or a negative one. 

3. People Come to You About Your Products

One of the best ways to tell if your banners are working is if people are coming up to you directly to talk about your offerings. When this happens, you can ask them what caught their attention. At the same time, you know that despite what they answer, that something is grabbing the people’s attention to what you do and making people interested enough to meet you face-to-face rather than only visit your website. 

Of course, you must take this opportunity seriously, as it is a rare one. First impressions are everything, and you never know the influence the individual has on the rest of your audience. In other words, how you treat the interested individual can either make or break your sale. 

4. People Ask for Your Business Card

If you find that people are coming to you for your business card, it means they want to do business with you in the near future. Because of that, don’t forget to bring a stack of cards for you to distribute or put in an accessible area where anyone who might be a little too shy to speak with you can still grab one. 

In conclusion, while you’re sitting there or walking around your booth at trade shows, pay attention to the people around you. Are they ignoring your banners completely, or are they showing some form of interest? Are they taking a step further and “googling” up your business, or even consulting you about your products? These signs will help you determine whether the efforts you put into your roller banners are well worth it.

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