4 Tips to Enhance Brand Awareness in Banner Designs for Trade Shows – Our Guide

Print signages such as banners – whether pull-up, retractable, pop-up, vinyl, or mesh – is an integral part of marketing. Even in this highly digitalized age where online branding dominates the business landscape, banners remain an essential asset that helps set your company apart from your competitors – be it as advertising or on-premise signage.

With that in mind, having a banner that reflects the critical design elements of your brand is key to promoting recognition by potential customers or passers-by. That’s why having a visually appealing and purposeful design is vital for your print materials to be effective in grabbing attention and converting viewers into active consumers.

To that end, here are some tried and true tips that can guide you in your design:

1. Consider the Banner Placement

One of the first factors you need to consider is the intended placement of your banner. Believe it or not, the placement makes a large impact on your design-related decisions – such as the colour scheme, the size of the text, as well as the layout of your overall design. Speaking of which, in comparison to its placement, the colour palette should be highly contrasting if you want it to be attention-grabbing.

2. Choose the Appropriate Colours

Your choice of colour is another vital aspect in your branding as each hue has different associations, which is why you need to choose according to what type of emotion you want to evoke in your consumers. In addition to having a strong influence on a costumer’s purchasing decisions, the colour will also be the first element your viewers will notice. Seeing as it can make or mar your first impression, take your time when choosing a colour that fits your brand.

3. Consider the Text Size and Font Style

Unlike other print signages such as leaflets, flyers, or even digital banners, print banners are marketing tools that aim to grab attention from a distance. This alone is enough to add value to the size of your text, which must be large and readable even in just a quick glance.

Other than text size, you also need to consider the font style. It can be tempting to opt for an overtly creative or flamboyant font but keeping it simple and readable are all you need for your content be bold and impactful. For instance, a bold sans-serif font may do your booth wonders. With surrounding competition amid a large, high-traffic area such as industry events or pop-up shows, attracting customers and having readable content is critical to your success.

4. Use High-Quality Graphics and Photos

We’ve already mentioned the importance of your colour choice, typography, and writing – as with any other advertising material, the next step is to leverage high-quality graphic images. Consumers are highly-visual and photos can serve as a striking focal point for your banner. This means that it has the power to entice passers-by even at just a glance and from a distance. Additionally, the right choice of imagery can also reinforce your brand message and effectively pique a customer’s interest.

A business of any type and scale will know how crucial marketing is, from digital to print signages like leaflets, flyers, brochures, and in this case, banners. Putting a banner’s value into numbers, a study done by the University of Cincinnati found that three out of four people agreed that one of the first things they notice about brands is its on-premise signage.

85% of people surveyed also agreed that the banner design has the power to convey the nature of the business, while three out of five moved on to different booths due to poor design or signages with unclear content. With that in mind, knowing the right design elements for your banners is vital for your marketing efforts to be effective and impactful. 

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