5 Questions to Ask Your Printer When Ordering Roller Banners

Visual advertising has changed in leaps and bounds over the years, with brands now displaying dynamic ads through integrated screens and digital signages. Still, the traditional roller banner remains to be an effective marketing medium and offers significant advantages over its younger counterparts. 

Roller banners are cost-efficient, convenient, and compact. Because they are lightweight and easy to install, they can be used in different situations and locations. In fact, we see them in most high-traffic areas—in trade shows, outlet stores, hotel lobbies, and even during outdoor events. 

When designed and placed thoughtfully, roller banners provide maximum impact at a minimal cost. As such, it is essential to understand its printing process, so you can get the most out of your ads. Here, we have compiled five key questions to ask your printer when ordering roller banners: 

1. What sizes of roller banners can you print?

These days, roller banners come in several different sizes, depending on how you want to use them. Some printers can go as high as 16 feet, which are perfect for outdoor placements. There are roller banners as small as a legal-sized bond paper. These are called desktop banners and perfect for reception tables and office counters. 

Before you start designing your banner’s graphics, it is crucial to ask your printer about their sizing options. Measurements will influence the scale and proportion of your design, so make this the first question you ask your printer. 

2. What type of materials do you print on?

Roller banners usually come in the standard PVC material or premium polyester film. These can come in either gloss or matte finish. There are newer printing technologies available that can print on mesh and fabric. Ask your supplier if they offer such services. 

The quality of materials you use affect the lifespan of your banners. Some can last for years with proper care and maintenance, while others fade or tear after one to two uses only. Determine your banners’ placement and purpose. If you are using it only for a weekend trade show, you can opt for the standard material. However, if you intend to put it as a welcome sign in your showroom, it’s wise to invest in a good-quality finish. 

Additionally, consider your brand’s image and the message you want to send across through your banners. A roller banner printed on a premium finish reflects a more premium and high-end product and company.

3. Are there other different styles available?

The retractable, indoor stands are the most ubiquitous roller banner types available. Ask your printing company if they offer different variations, as well. There are now roller banners that have more substantial bases to withstand outdoor weather. Some printers can also make a double-sided banner or wider ones rather than the standard tall pull-ups. These are more creative ways to use roller banners to your events.

4. Can you create a design for me?

Many printing companies provide a design service for a one-stop-shop solution. If you need a rush design, or if you don’t have an in-house graphic designer, you can ask your printer to work with you from start to finish. Some printers offer this at a discounted rate as part of a package. This is an excellent way of getting expert help from an experienced graphic artist at a minimum cost. 

5. Do you provide a proofreading service?

Unless you ask them, printing companies do not make revisions on your graphic files. There are times when mistakes happen, such as spelling or grammatical errors, misplaced images, or differences in scaling. To avoid these and the additional cost of re-printing, ask your printer if they provide a proofreading service. It usually comes with a minimal fee, but it’s a cheaper option when you consider the time, effort, and materials wasted to make revisions.

Even in this digital age, a simple roller banner—designed and printed brilliantly—can stand out in any event. 

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