5 Steps to Create Impressive Roller Banners – Our Guide

Roller banner ads are a neat way to promote your business. However, you can avoid copyright infringement by using an original design. If you think that it’s easy to put together images and texts to come up with an impressive design, think again. Nothing’s stopping you from using an old design. However, it would be better to create one from scratch to capture more attention.

1. Scale the design to fit the banner’s dimensions

You can find online templates for roller banners that allow you to complete the layout at 100 per cent of the scale. Completing the design at a lower resolution will make the display pixelated after printing. No one will be able to appreciate the details despite how beautiful the design is. You can gamble to create an artwork at 50 per cent of the full resolution.

However, it’s best to create graphics that cover 100 per cent of the surface area. Since pull up banners are large print format projects, designs for a smaller ad will not work even if it came out of Adobe Photoshop. You can also save designs as AI, EPS, or PDF files. 

2. Creating designs via Adobe Illustrator

Save all the images and fonts used in the artwork on a zip folder to address artwork errors efficiently. The printer will not push through with the production if there are anomalies with the design. They cannot correct the artwork if they don’t have the necessary elements. Likewise, properly label every aspect of the artwork to see the appropriate images or texts for repairs easily.

3. Craft a PDF through Photoshop

First, make a new document and enter its dimensions in millimetres and not in pixels. Next, establish the resolution no lower than 150dpi, but it’s best to set it at 300dpi. Then, settle the colour mode as CMYK 8-bit before starting the design project. Leave allowances of 100mm at the bottom and 30mm on top to ensure that the artwork will fit to scale. Finally, always use high-resolution images for the best results.

4. Saving the design as PDF

Never forget to save your design once you complete it because a sudden power outage can wipe away the entire project. If you want to keep it as a PDF file on Photoshop, click on File and then Save As. Select Photoshop PDF as format and give an appropriate file name before clicking Save. You can print the design by selecting High-Quality Print and choosing the saved PDF design.

5. Upgrade your company logo

The logo you use on business cards and regular advertising materials will come out pixelated on roller banners. Therefore, you must rescale the logo to replicate it with a high-quality one on large print formats. Ask a professional graphic designer to create a larger version of your logo through vector graphics and have its dimensions a bit bigger than its size on the banner. This logo is your company’s identity, and you can’t have it printed on less than excellent quality.

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