Roller Banners: 4 Tips For Writing On Print Advertising – Our Guide

In the world of advertising, you must create a powerful message to convey what you have in mind about your brand effectively. What you say and how you say it will indeed have a huge impact on your target market.

Depending on how you present your ads, either your message will appeal to your audience, or it will get easily ignored. At times, your print forms of advertising can either make or break your business, whether it’s a flyer, brochure, roller banner, or any advertising copy.

That given, keep on reading to learn valuable tips on writing for print media to ensure that your advertising copy befits your brand and benefits your business.

1. Create a compelling headline.

When creating an ad copy, start by creating a striking headline. Know that it’s easy for your brand to get lost in a plethora of marketing content scattered everywhere. Your goal is to create a headline that stands out in a sea of competition and instantly grabs the attention of your target market. When writing headlines, consider three essential factors: your offer (make sure to imply limited availability on an unmissable deal), the event (have a sense of exclusivity in your ad copy by inviting them to a VIP event), and your product (get them excited about a new product you’re launching).

2. Consider your voice.

You may or may not know this, but your voice speaks louder in your ads, and it can resonate with your audience. When writing an ad copy, think of the tone that you’d like to incorporate into your messaging. Will it be formal, casual, cheerful, humorous, or witty? Make sure to align the voice with the nature of your business and your target market.

3. Consider the font style.

The font style you’ll use in your ad copy should be given utmost consideration. Though it may just be a piece of text, it is a part of your tone you aim to convey. For instance, you won’t have a formal, authoritative tone with Comic Sans the same as you won’t create a compelling copy with Times New Roman. That said, be highly critical of the font you’ll use. Apart from the style, ensure that it’s clear, legible, and understandable to the audience.

4. Highlight your USP.

As with any business, it will always be a buyer’s market, and your prospects should have a great deal of choice. That said, your copy should focus on your Unique Selling Points (USPs). This means promoting certain features of your products or services that other competitors don’t have. Make sure to frame the ad copy in such a way that your USP will benefit the prospect. Otherwise, it will sound boastful.

5. Inform and educate your audience.

What are ads for in the first place? Not only are they meant to inform your target market, but they should also aim to educate your audience. Your goal is to tell your audience everything they need to know about your brand and your products or services. Make sure to present these details and information in a concise and easily digestible way. 

6. Ensure simplicity, clarity, and brevity.

As with any messaging, the classic rule of simplicity, clarity, and brevity applies. First, your language should be simple so that the average person can understand your ad copy. Second, your message should be as clear as possible so that you can get the message across. Finally, make sure to use concise and exact words in your ad copy.

7. Incorporate calls-to-action (CTAs)

CTAs are meant to prompt your audience to take action, whether you want your audience to visit your website, have them subscribe to your channel, or buy your products.

While digital marketing seems is a gamechanger in the world of business, your forms of print advertising should not be neglected. Your leaflets, flyers, brochures, banners, and other advertising copies remain relevant and useful up to this day. Make sure that they will help and not harm your business by following the valuable tips outlined above.

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Our Guide to Making Your Roller Banner Stand Out – Guide

When it comes to advertising your brand and products at an exhibition, a trade show, media events, product launches, or reception areas, to name a few, roller banners are an effective marketing tool. 

Simply put, roller banners serve as fire-and-forget advertising. These banners can be placed in areas where you know people are bound to frequently congregate, such as in a line at a cash register. Then all you have to do is watch and wait for them to absorb your message as they move along the queue. Roll-up banners are ideally used as an addition to your point-of-sale or point-of-contact material. 

If you want your banner to deliver the right message and create an impact on your target audience, you need to get the right design and right amount of information. The design and layout are important in making sure that your banner stands out and generates a positive outcome.

You can collaborate with various roller banner printing companies in London to help you come up with effective designs. Here are some tips for making your roller banner an effective marketing tool to stand out among your competitors:

Writing an appropriate message and information on your roller banner

Take your time to think through the message you want to convey. If the banner is about a sales message, emphasize the benefits and include product/service features, if necessary. Your message should be speaking from your audience’s perspectives. Because of this, you should keep it simple, short, but straight to the point. Too many words on your banner will make it look cluttered and disorganized. Remember, you only have a few seconds to catch your audience’s attention, so having a strong message on your banner matters.

Great design equates to a great and positive impact

You should give the same attention to your roller banners’ design as what you would give to any item of your marketing plan. Similar to a business card, promotional leaflet, or a newspaper advert, it is important that your banner design conveys your message to your target audience effectively. Your banner must also be easily visible from across the trade mall or exhibition hall.

Logo at the top

Using high-quality images is one way to make your banner stand out and catch people’s attention. It will also reflect professionalism in your business. The top part of the banner is the part where most people look at, so your company logo must be placed there. Avoid using low-resolution images for company logos and for promotion of products or services.

Main message

To make people see your message, it is important to have it placed at an eye level. People naturally read from top to bottom, left to right. Take this into consideration when placing your content (contact details, sales message, CTA, or headlines). Choose a font that is easily readable and eye-catching, and keep wordings to a minimum. Use large letterings to give impact to your message, but do not overdo it since it might make your banner look really messy.

Once the trade show or exhibition is over, determine the effectiveness of your banner. Did it generate a good amount of foot traffic? Is your marketing collateral in line with what is displayed on the banner? How many inquiries and interests did it generate?

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What Colour Should You Choose for Your Roller Banner Design?

Roller Banners, also known as Roll Up Banner Stands, helps businesses stand out when compared to competitors. It is a powerful tool that can enhance your point of sale material, which is why nailing the right design and succinct information on your banner is vital when it comes to generating an impact. 

Part of what maximizes the effect of roller banners is the colour palette. Choosing the right combination through colour theory is essential to creating a professional, high-quality roll-up that is well-received by your target audience. Optimal use of different pigments can add allure and reflect the tone of your business, making it all the more vital for an effective design of roller banners. 

Not to mention, understanding the colour meanings in business equips you with the best response to your marketing and promotional efforts. To that end, here are different colours you can explore and what the market typically associates it with. These should guide you in choosing the best hue that would best represent your business and ensure the success of your banner. 


This is a warm and happy hue that exudes a sense of cheerfulness and optimism. It creates a psychological response of playfulness that has the power to uplift people’s spirits. It also stimulates original thinking, creativity, and promotes academic proficiency. While it is attention-grabbing, keep in mind that it is an overwhelming colour, so it is best to use it in moderate dosage. 

You can tone down the intensity by pairing it with darker shades like black or blue. In that regard, because it is such an exciting hue, industries in the field of travelling can take advantage of this inspiring colour. 


Red is a positive and physical colour that draws attention and calls for action to be taken. In colour psychology, it means energy, passion, action, and strength. Because of how stimulating the colour is, it is best to associate it with brands that aim to entice appetites such as food services like restaurants and take-away businesses. 

As it strikes urgency, retail industries can also benefit from using this powerful hue. Many marketers may also prefer this as it tends to encourage customers to act fast in their buying decisions.


The safest to use out of all the colours in the wheel, blue is the most universally favoured shade as it represents trust, responsibility, honesty, and dependability. This is because the colour is psychologically calming and is known to reduce fear. 

To that end, blue is the ideal pigment for the corporate world and is a favourite amongst conservative types of branding like accounting, insurance companies, banks, and the financial industry, wherein inspiring trust is of utmost importance.


The colour of growth, vitality, and the renewal of life – green is psychologically associated with balancing people’s emotions and creating a sense of calm. Lighter shades reflect growth and freshness, while a darker pigment represents money and wealth. 

This is ideal for industries that promote natural, safe, eco-friendly, and organic products. It also inspires viewers to join social groups as well as give an impression of prestige for financial companies. 

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