Choosing the Perfect Image for Your Pull-Up Banners – Our Guide

Did you know that strong brand imagery can build up a brand’s reputation? It creates consumer loyalty that transcends beyond paying for the service or product you offer. When consumers recognize your logo, they know the value associated with it.

This is true for such brands as Toyota for affordable cars, Nike for quality sports apparel, Coca-Cola for beverages, and more. People across age groups, markets, and demographics prefer certain brands against others.

If you don’t believe words, here are some numbers you can crunch on. Toyota is valued at £44.6 billion, while Nike is at £36.8 billion. Coca-Cola is valued at £59.2 billion. Astounding, isn’t it?

The success of these companies can be because of their brand imagery. If you see their respective logos anywhere, you know what they sell and what they stand for. That’s the kind of effect you would want to emulate when creating your own brand imagery.

That is why it’s quite difficult to develop a brand that your target market can resonate with and trust for years to come. Figuring out which image to use for your promotional material, such as a pull-up banner, is difficult. Picking up the right image over millions of other images you see around is a big challenge you need to overcome before anything else.

In this article, here are three questions you may be asking about how to create a strong brand image for your pull-up banner as well as their answers.

1. What is important for your target audience?

When considering the image to use on your promotional materials, such as your pull-up banner, think of what is important for the perfect customer. When his or her day ends, how does it look like? If you can visualize what your customer wants, you can find the best image that makes him or her respond to your brand.

Knowing who your audiences are and what they want in life will help you choose the perfect design that will make your message attractive, inviting, and profitable. 

2. What design are you going to use?

You must seriously consider the color composition of the image you put on the pull-up banner. Aside from that, you have to carefully choose the typography, content, and style. When you’ve finally chosen these separate elements, they must all come together to create one design that conveys the message you want it to. Understanding the basics of color theory and typography will be crucial for choosing elements that will help create the right brand image for your target market.

If you want to exude a tone of professionalism, opt for dark, formal tones. Neon colors can create a futuristic vibe, while the minimalistic approach attracts those who enjoy clean, simple design. 

3. Do you have to use photography all the time?

Not necessarily. You can use illustrations. Many large companies have tried illustrations as opposed to using photographs. The key to making this work is using something authentic and fun. Another stock photo is dull and easily drowns in the background. Use pop-up illustrations with pleasing color tones. If you want a hipper approach, try mixing stock photos with illustration together!


Choosing the right images for your promotional materials, such as a pull-up banner, can be challenging. That is why you need to consider the tips mentioned in this article if you’re serious about creating something that will become part of people’s lives forever.

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