How to Design & Style Your Roller Banners – What to Know

A roller banner is a form of print marketing used for business networking, exhibition, backdrop, or mere office display. It is also said to be a cost-effective way of branding. You may have seen many banners being displayed in business establishments. However, only a few can truly pull off the right elements in the design. The question is, what makes a winning design for a roller banner? 

Here are several styles and designs to incorporate in your roller banner for successful branding. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Understanding the Key Message

A roller banner is essentially used for branding, to create awareness about the existence of your business and its offers to the public. It takes understanding the key message of your banner in order to come up with effective branding. Start with what you want to get across: the message, tone, and focus. First, thinking of what key message you want to convey will steer your print marketing effort in the right direction. 

Making the Vital Details Prominent

As mentioned, roller banners are highly effective in events such as networking or exhibitions. In such events, the place is ever so busy and crowded with people. By using roller banners, you take the opportunity to catch their attention and entice them to your brand. The problem is, many marketers provide vital details such as contact details or core messages at the bottom of the banner. As a result, it is not seen by those in attendance. That said, make sure to use the middle and the top of the banner to get your message across. This will make a difference in your banner by making the core message and important details prominent.

Knowing the Desired Action to Take

A roller banner is installed for a number of reasons. If the initial step is to create brand awareness, the next is to get the audience to buy your products or avail of your services. To do this, you need to know the desired actions that you want your audience to take. The best way to do this is by using call-to-actions (CTAs). CTAs prompt the customers to do what you want them to do through your effective marketing efforts.

Creating Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness is paramount in any marketing efforts. There are three factors to consider for your roller banner: the logo, colour, and message. First, the logo is a necessity for your roller banner. Make sure it’s displayed at the top of the banner so it can be seen at all times, even from a distance. Second, the key colour is essential for style and design. It’s best to design your banner using your core colours to reflect the other areas of your marketing, such as business cards, website, and social media. Finally, the key message should be transparent for you and your target audience. This needs to be prominent on your banner so that your audience will understand what message you are trying to convey.

Roller banners are an essential component of print marketing. Many companies are aware of the banner’s potential and power as a marketing kit. However, only a few know how to incorporate the right elements when it comes to style and design. Follow the design tips mentioned above and reap the great rewards it has to offer. 

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