Strategic Locations for Your Roller Banners to Improve Your ROI – Our Guide

Roller banners are great marketing tools to promote your brand where your target customers can easily see it. Roller banners are hard to miss, and they can be placed in locations where there is heavy foot traffic.  

How do roller banners help promote your product?

Roller banners are self-standing retractable stands that feature a company’s products and services on full colour and printed graphic panels that your target market can easily recognize. You’ll quickly see these stands on trade shows, shopping centres, exhibitions, product launches, and many other events. These roller banners will make it easy for you to communicate what you’re offering, including special offers and more. That’s why it’s imperative for the design to grab attention and create awareness among your target market.

No matter how beautifully you created your ads, if you put them in the wrong place, they’re not going to be able to deliver the results you need. In this article, we have prepared a shortlist of strategic locations to put the roller banner that will help you achieve the best ROI. 

1. In an award ceremony. 

The UK hosts plenty of awards ceremonies where tons of people flock. These are excellent events to place your roller banners and promote your brand. Take note, however, that it’s acceptable to use your campaign material in every award ceremony, except in a red carpet event. An award ceremony is also the perfect time for you to boost your product using Facebook and YouTube ads. Make your roller banner as creative and as attention-grabbing as possible. Put your brand logo and vital information that you want your target market to see. 

Researchers claim that print promotional materials are as good as digital marketing tools. According to a study in Canada, three-quarters of people best remember a brand after seeing it via print media, while only two-fifths of the respondents only recall a company after seeing it from the internet. Because of this, if you want to achieve a better ROI, you must create a well-structured roller banner or two that can serve as backdrops for interviews take at the awards event. Always consider complementary colours, insightful design, content, and high-quality resolution of imagery. Create hashtags and easy to see contact information. Then, share your photos and video on your social media accounts to create brand awareness.

2. At the shopping entrance. 

The best time to promote your brand is when a potential customer has stepped into your store. According to studies, the moment a potential customer steps in, they are at a decompression zone where they momentarily slow down to absorb all the information in the surroundings. This is an excellent place for roller banners to be. Even if you don’t have a reception area, you can simply put your roller banner right at the entrance of your shop to have the same powerful marketing effect. 

Make roller banners of the things you are proud of your business or other aspects that make your brand stand out among the competitors. If you have achievements or achieved milestones, make a roller banner of these moments as well. These aspects of a business matter to people who walk through your doors. It will only take a tenth of a second to formulate an impression over a brand, which is a short time. To make each second count, make an excellent, eye-catching design for your roller banner and match it with your reception decors. This is a chance for you to convert sales and boost brand loyalty.

3. At public places. 

A UK newspaper research states that 60 per cent of their respondents claim that they have a poor work-life balance. This only means that your potential customers are too busy to waste their time looking for your shop.

The solution to that is your high-quality roller banner. This marketing tool can direct people to your shop and improve your profits. Place your roller banner in a location where you can advertise your brand to the general public and direct them to your store. If this is an outdoor promotion, you must use quality PVC or vinyl banner so that it can endure the weather.


Roller banners are handy marketing tools. Don’t just take our word for it but because this claim is backed by scientific researches in many different countries. It’s high time to integrate roller banners to your digital marketing tool so that you can achieve your desired ROI.

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